Establish in 1989, Ojas Hirani Architects & Engineers have successfully completed more than 600 projects of Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design and Event Design. The firm has expanded its experience based by associating with overseas consultants like Pedalthorp Architects of Australia and CBT Architects of USA. The principal architect Mr. Ojas Hirani has an educational background as follows:
  • Being a ranker at graduate level in the School of Architecture at C.E.P.T. of Ahmedabad, invited for further studies at Swiss Federal Institute, Zurich [Switzerland]
  • Studied Rationalist’s Architecture also at Genova, Italy with Prof. Dolph Schnebli
    [E.T.H., Zurich]
  • Studied Regional Architecture at various villages of Switzerland with Prof. Benedict Huber
    [E.T.H., Zurich]
  • Studied cities as events and places with Prof. George Anselevicius (New Mexico University, USA)
  • Studied architectural conservation with with Sir Bernard Fielden (ICCROM, ROME) and Prof. Akhthar Badshah (MIT,USA) and Prof. Masood Khan (MIT, USA)

The company has a pool of specialist architects under one roof in their 2000 sq. ft.  office in Ahmedabad well equipped with necessary gadgets.

  • Vihar S. Fadia - Senior Architect
  • Pranav N. Parmar – Senior Interior
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